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Should have sold

Should have sold

We are often asked to look at properties that really should have sold, but haven’t, and we understand the disappointment of vendors whose experience of the sales process has fallen short of their expectations.

This disappointment can sometimes be the result of simply not knowing where you stand. We find that enthusiasm and good communication must be maintained throughout the sale if you are to enjoy peace of mind. Of course a steady flow of buyers also helps!

So if you find yourself with a property that appears to be sticking, you might like to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my agent as enthusiastic as the day he/she listed my property?
  • Do they keep me regularly updated with constructive feedback immediately following a viewing?
  • Do they phone me, or do I have to chase them?
  • Do they accompany viewings to make sure they are maximising buyer contact and feedback opportunities?
  • Do they keep me informed of what is available and actually selling in the area?
  • Have they provided me with practical marketing advice in terms of how to present my property at its best?
  • Do they regularly advertise properties similar to my own in order to attract a variety of buyers?
  • Do I feel like a valued customer with an important property?
  • Is my agent blaming a slower market, or taking responsibility?

If the above rings any bells, it might be worth rethinking your sales strategy with a refreshing kick start before your property goes stale on the market. Why not give us a call before it’s too late?



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