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Something to SHOUT ABOUT

Something to SHOUT ABOUT

Every town has a variety of styles of estate agent, from the soulless “corporate” agency driven by figures, to the one-man band; from arty-contemporary to pushy-salesy. Each type tends to appeal to a specific sector of the property-owning community, and rightly so – buyers and sellers alike need to feel comfortable working with an agent that reflects their own values.

So perhaps it’s time we actually spelt out exactly the type of approach we strive to adopt and what this actually says about the people behind the business, and how this impacts you as buyer or seller?

As an independent agency, we have the flexibility to adopt whatever approach we feel is of greatest benefit to our clients. Without the constraints of corporate standardisation, but working within a supportive network, our values are more likely to be a reflection of our own aspirations.

If you were to analyse the approach we take to estate agency and business generally, you’d find us to be highly personable and empathetic to the needs of our clients, that we have time to listen with interest, and that we believe in providing straight-talking, good advice that is responsibly realistic rather than insincerely flattering. Yet our focus is always on your success.

Ultimately, it comes down to transparency and integrity, which are the cornerstones of our business. When combined with the passion we also have for results, the balance is a unique and enjoyable service of which we are extremely proud.

We make no secret that our goal is long term with every client. We work on a proving basis on our first transaction together to ensure we build a relationship that enables us to become your go to property people.

Sometimes, when you feel the formula is right, it does no harm to shout about it a bit! Why not call us on 020 3633 7866 and see what all the fuss is about for yourself?



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